Air pollution control
U. Rubow ApS can
provide complete air pollution
control systems to meet both        present and future air quality
codes. Air pollution control          systems are developed, de-
signed, and manufactured in
accordance with local require-
ments for the removal of solid,
liquid, or gaseous pollution.
Air pollution control equipment
is designed and manufactured
in corrosion-proof materials,
comprising wet-scrubber
units, ducts, tanks, pipings,
pumps, and electronic auto-
matization and control units.
Wet packed scrubbers are our
speciality. Vertical counter-
current packed scrubbers give
high absorption efficiences in
removing corrosive gases.
Capacities range from 500 cbm.
to 100.000 cbm. per scrubber
Cross-flow packed scrubbers
are preferred for removing
noxios gases and light load-
ings of solid particulate. Capa-
cities range from 3000 cbm. to
100.000 cbm. per unit.
Our company offers a unit
responsibility comprising spe-
cification of system-testing,
design, manufacture, installa-
tion, and the issue of perform-
ance and corrosion resistance

Danish version Rubow luftrensning, korrosionsbeskyttelse, kemiteknik, røgrensning


Counter-current scrubbers:
Typical application are in companies manufacturing
chemicals, paper, cellulose, fishmeal, bonemeal, fertili-
zers, acids, mineral wool, chlorine, medicine and pharma-
ceuticals, insecticides and herbacides, food products, -
and even foundries, breweries, incineration plants, water-
purification plants, and factories with galvanic processes.
Odour abatement is an integral part of Air Pollution Control.


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